jPBXlite is a Java SIP PBX.
Uses Derby for database and includes an embedded web-server for configuration.
Supports basic extensions, trunks, voicemail, conferences, queues (ACD), and a simple IVR system.
Conferencing supports video (tested with jPhoneLite only).

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Compiling / Javadoc
Just run ant in /projects/jpbxlite
You can also run 'ant javadoc' to create javadoc API references.
Q:Is transcoding supported?

Q:What about codec licensing?
A:Since jPBXLite does not do any transcoding the only patented codec of concern is G729a which is only used with voicemail,IVR and conferences. A normal call to extension or trunk would not require a license. If you plan on using jPBXLite in a commercial environment (not recommeneded) you should contact for licenses. Although currently jpbxlite has no means of controlling the number of concurrent uses of g729a. This is still an experimental project. Video codecs are all passed through.